Saturday, April 17, 2010

Being alone....

its not the first time i am alone ... I have been a musfir all along my life ,hopping school to school , city to city , state to state , frds to frds... & now countries, change is something , that remained with me & myself very comfortable growing along from boy to man. being a man is not every time so easy , so many eyes looking for u , endless waits and tears shouting all across that hey there is something u have left behind this time,..and i say yes , i did leave.
to , my dear dazy & Tejas, though u r thr far "saat samundar" , there is enough magnet in my heart that keeps me attached from u both. There is always an ultimate destination to every musfir , and i have identified mine too... so though i am far away ...but remember " ye raah meri manzil nahi " & i will back soon to walk along with u , together we shall reach "hamari manzil"

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