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बन जाना कभी

कभी मैं जो रास्ता बनु
तुम मेरी मंजिल, बन जाना कभी
मैं तुममे और तुम मुझमे
इस तरह सिमट जाना कभी ||

की जब बनु मैं सोच
तुम अहसास बन जाना कभी
वयां जो कर ना पाऊ खुद को कभी
मेरे लफ़्ज़ की आवाज बन जाना कभी ||

ख़तम हो जाए उड़ान जब मेरी
मेरे थकान  की  आराम बन जाना कभी
हो जाये ख़तम एक दूसरे में
कभी तुम मुकाम, बन जाना मेरी ||

Recent posts

Vipassana Continues : Life Beyond 300 Hours - Update

Hello friends ,

I am back with my update on Vipassana post 300 hours of practice. This also completes an year of the same as i visited Vipassana center at the same time last year.

This will be a short update as there isn't much that i have got insight into. This was rather fast cycle & was completed in 4 months time.

Continuing with Vipassana :

I remember Goenka Ji telling that if one continues with the practice for a year , it is likely he/she will continue it life long. Well, he was right !! My motivation for daily sitting has gone up and i dont really skip days unless there is something urgent. it has become part of my schedule now and comes without any effort.

Update on Anapana: 

The breath monitoring is going fine. I also found that mind is finding it boring and tends to indulge in thoughts it likes. The focus is fine and mind goes into deep concentration. Many a times i see that body doesn't exists when eyes are closed & i find myself searching where am I in the w…

Happy Bday

हर जहाँ, हर  आसमाँ
हर ज़मी मिले
कोई भी ग़म न हो कभी
जहाँ भी हो , हर ख़ुशी मिले ,

तितलियोँ के पँख ले के
उड़ चले ये मन
छू लो  हर  छितिज़
पा लो  सारे रंग

दूर ही सही पर 
ये  दुआ कर रहे हैं
रौशन रहे हर रास्ता तुम्हारा
कुछ  दीप अपनी ,
तुम्हारी राहों पे रख रहें हैं  ॥ 

जन्म दिन मुबारक  Simi ||

ख़ुदा मिला

ढूंढा जहाँ पे वहाँ मिला
कभी मुझमे , कभी उसमे मिला
खुद को ढूंढता रहता था खुद में
पता नहीं क्यूँ , जहाँ  खोजा, ख़ुदा मिला ||

Vipassana Continues : Life Beyond 200 Hours

Hello Friends,

My last post was about myself crossing 100+ hours of Vipassana Practice , so here i am with my views post 200 + hours. Personally i dont believe that i am in a race against numbers , however it might be a helpful to others who are also interested in spiritual (Self) enlightenment.

I am adding my perspective post 200+ hour of Vipassana meditation . I am writing on the top of my previous post ( 100 Plus hour with Vipassana) , just to give a clear idea on what is changing along the path.

What is Vipassana
<<Post 100 hours >> :

<<Post 200 hours>>: The understanding of Vipassana has become more close of my daily life . Sometime it feels like it has made a tailor fit adjustment to my daily routine. I see Vipassana as a self inquiry method now and find this as a great tool to remain aware at every moment.

Ques: Why i started doing Vipassana ?
<<Post 100 hours >> :
Ans: My desire to find truth that l…

Vipassana : My encounter with the truth has just begun

I am  inclined to post this as i complete around 100 + hours of Vipassana & Anapana meditation . I have also completed 10 days of retreat that helped me get deeper insight of the practice.

What is Vipassana

Ques: Why i started doing Vipassana ?

Ans: My desire to find truth that lied beyond the world affairs lead me to Vipassana. I was keep to eradicate suffering that i was experiencing in and around me.

Ques:What else i  do apart from Vipassana

Ans: I practice Yoga ( Pranayam + Hatha Yoga) daily for 1 hour for physical aspect of cleaning my body. It has helped to set the platform for further adventures.

Ques: What kind of state i was in before practicing Vipassana

Ans:  I faced moderate anger issues , constant conflict with self and society , ego issues , constantly occupied with thoughts etc. I didn't face any significant issues and can consider my issues as common to anyone.

Ques: How is my practice going?

Ans: I practice Vipassan…

वो और मैं

कभी देखा हैं खुद को
क्या खुद से कभी बात की हैं ?
मिलते रहते हो सबसे रोज रोज
कभी खुद से मुलाकात की हैं ?

ज़िन्दगी हर किसी को एक मौका देती हैं
कभी सवाल तो कभी जवाब की तरह
हर डूबते को, एक नौका देती हैं
शुक्रगुजार हूँ,  ज़िन्दगी का जिसने रास्ता दिखा दिया
भटके इस मुसाफिर का , हौसला बढ़ा दिया

की हर दर्दो की  दवा खुद में मिली
हर  मर्ज  का इलाज भी  "मैं"  ही में मिला
जब खुद को जाना तो जाना की 
मैं उसमे मिला और वो मुझमे मिला

वो जो सब में निहित हैं और जिसमे सब  निहित हैं 

वो जो एक हैं अनेक में और, जो अनेक हैं एक में
उसे ही ढूंढ़ता था मैं , इन आँखों की चश्मे से
पर वो मिला परे कहीं , जहाँ मैं नहीं था
जहाँ , मैं नहीं था
मैं नहीं था