Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Vipassana Continues : Life Beyond 300 Hours - Update

Hello friends ,

I am back with my update on Vipassana post 300 hours of practice. This also completes an year of the same as i visited Vipassana center at the same time last year.

This will be a short update as there isn't much that i have got insight into. This was rather fast cycle & was completed in 4 months time.

Continuing with Vipassana :

I remember Goenka Ji telling that if one continues with the practice for a year , it is likely he/she will continue it life long. Well, he was right !! My motivation for daily sitting has gone up and i dont really skip days unless there is something urgent. it has become part of my schedule now and comes without any effort.

Update on Anapana: 

The breath monitoring is going fine. I also found that mind is finding it boring and tends to indulge in thoughts it likes. The focus is fine and mind goes into deep concentration. Many a times i see that body doesn't exists when eyes are closed & i find myself searching where am I in the whole framework of body. There isnt further insight i have got into , but for sure i need to have a bit more deep concentration.
Update on Vipassana:

The body scan is going as usual. I feel sensation all along my body. The focus has now shifted to even internal part of the body from skin. Apart from that there is not much i see. I dont see any total dissolution etc as mentioned in the talks.

Challenges :

The sleepiness during meditation is coming out to be a great challenge now. Sometime it may be due to physical fatigue but many a time it is mental boredom. Determination is the only tool to get rid of these issues. I challenge myself quite hard to stay awake and into awareness.


The observing mind is on it's way to become stronger and stronger. Sensations triggers in undue situations & i dont remember many instances of loosing cool .

I sign off with this until 400 hrs. In between i have been reading books like "Wellness sense , If truth has to be told , Kundilini  , The incredible life of an Himalayan Yogi , Wisdoms of the RIshis etc.

No other insight has occurred as of now apart from what i had posted earlier.

Random thoughts ...

Random thoughts ... क्यू गुमसुम सी रहती हो , हवाओं की तरह , लहराओ न कभी । उङ जाती हो पलक क्षपकते ही , साथ आओ न कभी ।। कुछ लम्हों की...