Wednesday, October 27, 2010

मेरा बिहार !!! (Republished)

मेरा जन्म  बिहार के एक शांतिपूर्ण कस्बे में हुआ था , धीरे धीरे पूरा बिहार एक जंगल राज में बदल गया !! मेरी पंक्तिया उन्ही लम्हों को बयां करती हैं !!! मुझे पूरी आशा है , किसी दिन वहा उजाला तो होगा , पर तब तक मेरा इंतज़ार कायम रहेगा !!

कभी  हसती  थी  फिजाए  जिन   गलियों  में . 
वहां   अब  सन्नाटो के  जाल  बिछे  हैं  . 
नन्हे  पैरो   की  छाप  जहाँ   छोड़  रखी थी  मैंने  
वहां  आंशुओ  के  लम्बे  नहर  बन  चुके  हैं  
दह  गयी  है  वो  दीवारे ,जिनके  पीछे  हम  छुपा  करते  थे  
बह  गए  है  वो  दरख़्त ,जो  वहां खड़े  रहते  थे . 
जहाँ   रहती  थी  अक्सर  रौशनी  की  लम्बी  परछाईया       
वहां  अब   दिए  भी  जला  नहीं  करते  हैं  
बिखरी  ज़िन्दगी  के  पल  बचते  छुपते  रहते  हैं . 
दिन  रात  के  अंतर   खत्म  हो  रहे  हैं . 
लाल  आँखों  से  निकली  चिनगारिया  ही  दिखती   हैं . 
मोम  से  बने  दिल  भी  सख्त   हो  रहे  हैं  
किधर  जाए  क्या  पता ,राहों  के  निशा   धुल  गए  हैं . 
सुनसान  अंधेरो  में  खूखार  भछक  घूमते  हैं . 
बरसो  से  अब  मेरे  नन्हे  पैरो    की  आहट  नहीं  पड़ती  
और  मौसम  के  सरगम  धीरे  धीरे  छुप  रहे  हैं . 
 चित्र से लिया हुआ 

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Ek Purani Gazal

मैंने ये ग़ज़ल सालो पहले लिखी थी , कभी यहाँ डालने का वक़्त नहीं मिला ...

जिसे याद करके रोये
वो हसे हमे भुला के
दिल ऐसा मेरा तोडा
छोड़ा, हमे रुला के ||
अच्छा था तेरा आना
मेरी ज़िन्दगी में माना
पूछो ना मुझसे कैसे
तडपाया तेरा जाना ||
एक बार तो मिला दे
फ़रियाद कर के रोये
सोया गया ना मुझसे
सारी रात भर के रोये || जिसे याद कर के रोये .....

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Love In Computer Language (Republished)

इतना   miss करते  हैं   तुमको  
की  monitor पे  हर   वक़्त  तेरा  चेहरा  दिखता   रहता  है  
मुझे  छोड़  दो  ,ये  keyboard भी  
तेरा  ही  नाम  लिखता  रहता  है .. 
तेरे  यादो  की  script दिल  पे  बार  बार  
Timly execute होती  रहती  है  
हम  बार  बार  memory free करते  है  फिर  भी  
ये  CPU दिल  की , तुम्हे  सोचने  में  ही  busy   रहती  है .. 
कितने  Variables बदल  डाले  हैं   इस  दिल  के  
पर  core algo पर  तेरा  ही   logic छाया  रहता  है .. 
बार  बार  Itration छोड़  कर  line debugging करते  हैं  
पर  ये  मन  तेरे  ही  लूप  पे  अटका  रहता  है ... 

Sunday, October 10, 2010

CWG Updates from a Dummy guy

I have never been a multi sport lover as such. From the day I was born, everyone played cricket , cricket & cricket , sometime i use to think that Gulli Danda was one variant of cricket. I too was a decent cricketer until my dad thought that playing was waste of everyone’s time and I was turned into a software engineer. Apart from playing  cricket , I had my chances to play or watch other sports like football , TT, a bit of tennis , badminton and basketball. I must say I have enjoyed them all. But …Hey, this article is not about me its abt CWG. If u don’t know what it means , it is termed as Commonwealth Games….before some media goons turned it as Con Man Games. I must say I enjoyed all the mud thrown on Mr Cool Madi, I wish throwing mud was also one of the discipline in CWG , we must have got a gold medal. Personally I though the media really sometime made “teel ka pahad”. Being so called a third world country , this is the best arrangements we can expect. Now back to games….since I was part of mud throwing sin, I though it was my duty to watch CWG games and increase some TRP, at least this way the Pepsi , the Cocks & other brands will start sponsoring such events.  Personally I felt so bad not seeing such brands  sponsoring these events , I feel its their responsibility it sponsor such events for India. Or else in my view they are traitors and should be knocked out of the country. Accha , so now about games, I completely remained hooked to as many matches as I could watch , believe me I found  them very interesting , they looked all great in my 42’’ LCD , thanks to DD new offering in HD. After many years I watched something on DD.  To start with what I liked….
I have heard the likes of Jaspal Rana , Samresh Jung , Abhinav Bindra & Gagan Narang. I also know someone called Anjali Bhagwat, I remember seeing her cool snap in a newspaper some years ago. I don’t know why she is not part of games this time around.since I know some many names, it means shooting is not that alien to me. In this CWG, my expectation were high from them,  & and to my point they did manage to perform at that level. I liked Narang , he did what a champion do , hit the bulls eye every time you see a bull… Gagan & Abhinav are rare breed of champions.... they never fail..they are like our bollywood movie stars. Seeing them i guess, other shooters also tried to do well , I remember some of them, like Omkar , Anisa, Harpreet..etc. Once I was watching single trap event , a game where a disk flies and u got to shoot them. I think Manavjeet sindhu did really well to get a Bronze. He defeated some Canadian in a tie breaker. It was a tensed match. Tension can kill you sometimes , but he managed to remain calm & focused, in other events I found many such heroes who managed to remain calm in demanding situations…
My List of black sheeps
Liked Rahul Bannerjee in Archery, you won’t believe trough out his journey to the final he had to go through tie breakers. I tell you it is tuff to perform in such testing conditions. Hats of to him
Liked ,  Shayamali , I saw this girl playing table tennis. Believe me she looks so non fancy. O’ god she really played great under tense conditions. Another hat for her.
Also I can remember some ajib sport called lawn ball, I felt it was boring. But given it was a new sport in India, some young Indian player made Canada bite dust , u guess what!! Canada is playing this game from last 20 years and our team just started 6 months back!!! we are good at learning things:-)
The one’s who played like brave hearts
I always hated Sania Mirza , Why…..may be because I knew she had it in her to become the top 10 player in the world but she never tried so hard.  But this time when I saw her fighting hard for a gold medal with an Aussi, I loved her. She fought really hard, The Aussi really had a tough time defeating her. At the end, the better of them won!!the AUssi. I guess weak serve of Sania , did her in. but Hats of to Sania for a spirited performance.
Sania Nehwal   , though not a match for gold medal I guess, she was up against one Malaysian. Down 2-0 in mixed events of badminton, it was a do or die match for India. The Malaysian (forgot her name) gave her a tuff time, very tuff time. She was indeed a very strong player ranked number 12-17 in the world. But as I said , a champion is what a champion do. Saina managed to win this game. Kudos to her for that fighting performance.
Some new heroes
Apart from many names I knew, i also saw some new faces making their mark in the new kind of disciplines for India. They are the ones who will be trend setters for India in coming future. I loved Ashish Kumar , jumping on the rods. Till then I always believed only Rajnikant & the Chinese’s could do such act. Ashish won a silver in gymnastic, please note … he is the first Indian to give India a medal in Gymnastic. I heard he was coached by some Russian gymnast, thanks to federation for arranging something for the athletes (Only few times they do such heavenly things). Other name I knew in athletics was Anju baby Gorge , I don’t know why she is not this time, I hope this is not due to some politics   . But this time someone called Prajusha won a silver in long jump. I didn’t see her game but saw some channels showing her name. Congrats to her to get India a medal. At last I would like to mention a girl called Deepika Kumari, believe me she looked very one of us. Not even having a fancy topi like Dolla Banerjee , Dolla is the only name I knew in female archery. I think Deepika was great to win a gold , she fully deserved that. The one whom she defeated was, I guess an Aussi. First time a saw an Aussi , accepting defeat in a better manner.
At the end I would like mention three things, Kusti , Boxing and Haryana. We almost dominated everyone in Kusti, Sushil , u must watch him, he is like a tiger inside the ring but equally humble outside the ring. Mark of a true champion. All 3-4 rounds, he just didn’t allow his opponents to live for more than 2-3 minutes. All chits….by the way in my next post I will tell you about new things I have learnt about these sports. I also loved Yogeswer Dutt & Joginder. Not to mention I loved kumari Babita and Kundu too. Hats of to them for winning medals in female kusti.   In boxing Vijender played like a champ. Defensive when needed , offensive when required. I too learnt some lessons , will tell u in next article. I also loved Dilbag singh. I didn’t like someone called Anil(Boxer) I guess, he was rude and too offensive inside the ring.
Given 40% of medals came from Haryana, wht a sporting state yaar. We must learn from them. Thanks to one and all for making this happen in Haryana(bhivani & Bhivandis)… hope we get more of such states.
(ps:if you find some mistakes in my article ,please spare me, i am not a full time editor or a writer i just though it was important to write abt CWG. afterall its only abt my poems all the time.)

Random thoughts ...

Random thoughts ... क्यू गुमसुम सी रहती हो , हवाओं की तरह , लहराओ न कभी । उङ जाती हो पलक क्षपकते ही , साथ आओ न कभी ।। कुछ लम्हों की...