Wednesday, December 01, 2010

16th Asian Games 2010 : Care to knw.......

Okie , everyone is busy , from AP cabinet to Delhi Parliament. Some are trying to save their skins and others, trying to show. The great indian demo- democracy at work. I was busy too, u see, life of a software engineer is not easy!!!Tea , Coffee , Barista ...Phone calls , networking & some work .... the cup always remains full. So busy i was, that i couldn't catch all games of Asaid. For all GGB(I say google generation boys) Asiad was first held in delhi !!!! then again in 1982 ...i dont knw when it will come back to India. May be when someone from Garibi Hatao Group will wake up to remove his garibi....haha...Commonwealth hangover!!!
Back to Games...As expected China did a great opening job!!! afterall they had to outdo us!!
This Asian games was unlike CWG , In CWG known sport heros dominated the turf, Asian Games in other hand was all about black sheeps. I did manage to chk some of them!!
Blast from the past  CWG 
I expected Deepika to do well in individual archery event , she did well to fight some of the world best archers, but went down fighting without a medal , however as a team they did did manage to grab a bronze , i tell u once they were down 6 point from Taipei .... the last round was a cracker from Dola and Deepika. Rimil too did well to hang on. I couldnt catch up with men event , but i knw tht Tarundeep Rai got silver....

In Gymnastics i was more that sure that Ashish would do well , he got a bronze ...i tell u its tuff out there with Chinese , KZKies , Koreans and Japies....

Pankaj advani is a hero ...and he did exactly the same , A gold ...the first gold for India. Same story here ,
he was 2-0 behind some guy from some palce (Philippines i guess) but came back strongly.
I must say the phili was riding the best moments of his life was his first outing in asain ...and he didnt have exp...still he managed to reach the finals. I heared he defected Geet Sethi....strong guy ha....but at the end Pankaj got the best of two!!

Vijender and Krishna continued to do well......making boxing more and more popular ... the boxers kept the flag high... them...even female boxer did well.... Sad for Mary Kom...she was expecting a gold...she just missed...

We got the Paki's
I got to see the hockey to , first time i saw them playing well. they again defected Paki's. bechare Paki , though Pakis won the gold medal, they will still have to live with the defeat by Indians.

Some surprises

Rowing was a surprise , a guy called Bajrang Lal Takhar got gold medal. i couldn't catch it, all this events were in morning time ... and i tell u i m so lazy to get up so soon. They got i guess 3 medals from this not so knwon even in India. I alwasy though these "Naviks" only sung songs near Yamuna ghat.

A letdown
Heros fall!!! so did Gagan , Manavjeet SIndhu , Samresh Jung.....
Shooting was a let down, i guess we got overconfident. apart from Ronjan Sodhi , no body could live up to the expectation. I knw now, expectation kills. Gagan....i epxpect nothing but a goal from u:)
The Gen Y Guys

For once we didnt miss Paes and Mahesh.  Tennis showed what young Indians can do, when our old guard were out playing matched for themselves , these Gen Y guys kept the tennis flag high. Somdev played like a star. He is gonna be a strong guy in tennis in coming years. I must mention Sania played with a lion heart. she indeed is a giant killer. but i think the guy looking girl was too good for her..and she went down fighting. I salute u for ur spirit Sania.
Apne Ghar me Kutta bhi Sher
Saina was riding high on expectations. but u see badminton is a trademark game of Chinese , Koreans and etc. she had to come empty handed. not an issue...keep playing Saina .
And the Winner is
But what made news was Athletics ............ u see we Indians are weak guys. after all we veggies cant build muscles on grass right. but this time  history had to bend..and it did .  The athletes came to the party. Preeja Sreedharan, Sudha Singh,Ashwini Chidananda ,Tintu Lukka,Kavita Raut,Joseph G Abraham and many others ran with their hearts on their legs . hey can  u read between lines....most of the medal came from women in athletics.... I guess P T Usha must be a happy woman !!!
Some senti words!!!
There were many more , all of them with some stories. Some, because of the system , Others, despite of the system....all of them fought hard ...sometimes for themselves, sometimes for India. Everyone who participated to take India to another level needs our support. In India whr daddies and teachers scold and beat their kids for playing anything ( i was beaten too) , where playing is understood to be a waste of time. These guys fought hard to fight for India. They all are great humans with a golder heart....keep it up guys .....if not anyone i am behind u.

- A voice from not so from GGB(Google Generation Boys)

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