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My Gajhini...

I wounder why i loved Gajhini so much. I am no fan of real action movies,they make me feel more weaker. after all i am not superhero anyway. Yes, i am amir fan, i wanted to see his dedication to be in shape for the movie. I like him for what he is , i guess he is what he wants to be. Not many people are like him. Coming back to the movie Gajhini , i hated him(The char...) ...i am sure everybody did in the multiplex. Asin(I don't remember her screen name) was killed by him for doing something i always wanted to do, but i didn't. I always fear some Gajhinis around. I don't want to get in trouble. She did, I was happy for her , she was my hero...thats why i hated Gajhini , who killed my hero. One of the favourite scene of the movie is possible the most simplest one, where Asin gives that money to Amir, i sound sentimental fool, may be ...but i liked what happened after that. I liked Amir reaction, I liked his response...its can someone do something so great like this. How many times i reacted in that way when my mom, dad , gf, wife did the same for me .....i took them for granted. I though they were there to give...give ...and keep giving. I didn't get astonished when my dad gave my Engineering fee and delayed purchasing his car...amir(sanjay saxsena...i now remembered his name)got taught me respect all that i have got , irrespective of who gave... paraye ya Aapne...yes i remember Gajhini, for all those moments.


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Vipassana Continues : Life Beyond 300 Hours - Update

Hello friends ,

I am back with my update on Vipassana post 300 hours of practice. This also completes an year of the same as i visited Vipassana center at the same time last year.

This will be a short update as there isn't much that i have got insight into. This was rather fast cycle & was completed in 4 months time.

Continuing with Vipassana :

I remember Goenka Ji telling that if one continues with the practice for a year , it is likely he/she will continue it life long. Well, he was right !! My motivation for daily sitting has gone up and i dont really skip days unless there is something urgent. it has become part of my schedule now and comes without any effort.

Update on Anapana: 

The breath monitoring is going fine. I also found that mind is finding it boring and tends to indulge in thoughts it likes. The focus is fine and mind goes into deep concentration. Many a times i see that body doesn't exists when eyes are closed & i find myself searching where am I in the w…

बन जाना कभी

कभी मैं जो रास्ता बनु
तुम मेरी मंजिल, बन जाना कभी
मैं तुममे और तुम मुझमे
इस तरह सिमट जाना कभी ||

की जब बनु मैं सोच
तुम अहसास बन जाना कभी
वयां जो कर ना पाऊ खुद को कभी
मेरे लफ़्ज़ की आवाज बन जाना कभी ||

ख़तम हो जाए उड़ान जब मेरी
मेरे थकान  की  आराम बन जाना कभी
हो जाये ख़तम एक दूसरे में
कभी तुम मुकाम, बन जाना मेरी ||

Vipassana : My encounter with the truth has just begun

I am  inclined to post this as i complete around 100 + hours of Vipassana & Anapana meditation . I have also completed 10 days of retreat that helped me get deeper insight of the practice.

What is Vipassana

Ques: Why i started doing Vipassana ?

Ans: My desire to find truth that lied beyond the world affairs lead me to Vipassana. I was keep to eradicate suffering that i was experiencing in and around me.

Ques:What else i  do apart from Vipassana

Ans: I practice Yoga ( Pranayam + Hatha Yoga) daily for 1 hour for physical aspect of cleaning my body. It has helped to set the platform for further adventures.

Ques: What kind of state i was in before practicing Vipassana

Ans:  I faced moderate anger issues , constant conflict with self and society , ego issues , constantly occupied with thoughts etc. I didn't face any significant issues and can consider my issues as common to anyone.

Ques: How is my practice going?

Ans: I practice Vipassan…