Friday, February 06, 2009

Becoming Young…

Three weeks after I walked from my old Company…I haven’t quite been able to walk out. Turning from a mentor to a mentee, a boss to a team member, a student from a teacher has been a hell of transition, guess what, it is just the beginning…
I feel like a star of Ranji player who comes to a play at national arena. In the quest of making a mark to at new place, I am quite in search of old symbols that can help me establish, make a ground or simply give me a hand. The only thing known to me here is the laptop I have, dell latitude D630. With all my love, whenever I use the laptop I feel blessed; my finger knows the keypads, the only friends for time being.
Sometime I argue myself, what it takes to leave the most comfortable seat and start chasing your next dream, like after scoring a century , why someone would think of another 100. I guess I am like a crow who finds a piece of food keeps it and goes up searching from another.
Its Friday today and i am waiting endlessly for the clock to pass 6:00 as Tejas (my kid) waits for my arrival , I know Mondays will keep coming reminding me that journey of life never ends… “kuyki picture abhi baki hai mere dost”

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