Monday, July 10, 2006

The land of Mine

I still remember my native place....the narrow streets...darker nights....smiling faces....but all have vanished slowly and now...all that it has.....

Streets, those were always filled of happiness and cheers
Are now have been taken over by silence
Place where I left the signs of my childhood
Now have been turned down by violence
The walls have been broken where I used to hide
The trees that existed have been cut
Where rays of lights used to prevail long back
Now the last lamp also have been shut
The life keeps hiding and surviving
Differences of days and nights has gone down
Anger is the only emotion visible there
Hearts made from wax are kept pawn
The signs of road have been washed
In the terrain of darkness only devils roam
No more the memories of my childhood go there
And the song of weather has left it alone.

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